Eagle Cap Wilderness Sunset Leon WerdingerWilderness Watch’s Endowment is a permanent fund set up to receive contributions, which are invested to generate a steady income. Wilderness Watch leaves the principal intact, using the interest and dividends to pursue our organization’s mission. An endowment is built for the long-term, and, like Wilderness itself, it’s a way to measure an organization’s strength and character. Contributing to the endowment creates an investment fund that will generate interest income for us every year, creating stability for our organization and potential tax benefits for our donors. A gift to the endowment is a gift to Wilderness Watch and to Wilderness forever.

The benefits of a making a contribution to the Wilderness Watch Endowment:

  • You will see your contribution being put to good use during your lifetime;
  • Your contribution has potential tax benefits;
  • Your contribution to this steady stream of income for Wilderness Watch ensures we can engage the challenges facing Wilderness for the long haul.


Bequests are gifts made through a will at the end of life and can include money, part of an estate, or an asset such as a stock, piece of art, or real estate. The four most common types include: specific property bequests which identify a specific investment or real estate holding to be gifted; dollar amount bequests which state a specific dollar amount to be gifted; percentage bequests which bequeath a designated percentage of an estate; and residue bequests which gift the remainder of an estate after friends and family have been provided for.

The benefits of a making a bequest to Wilderness Watch:

  • You retain control of your assets during your lifetime;
  • Gives you the opportunity to reflect the importance of Wilderness Watch’s work in your life;
  • Potential reduction of state and federal inheritance taxes;
  • Your bequest will help ensure the continued strength of our organization;
  • Your bequest will help secure the future of Wilderness!


If you have any questions or would like more information on planned giving, please contact Brett Haverstick, our Membership and Development Director, at: (406) 542-2048 x1/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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